It's A Crime I Never Told You About The Diamonds In Your Eyes by The Black Heart Procession

“Minor chords for days!”

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Minor chords for days!

tommoose 19 Sep 2015

I recall a rumor that Johnny Cash had cut this song a few years before he passed. A decade later it seems to be just another rumor. And though I like to imagine how it might have sounded...the original is so good that I can without the one that might have been.   5

wardreekusSC 30 Jun 2014

My black heart loves the diamonds in your eyes

djmqt 27 Sep 2013

Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist has been throwing some really good stuff my way.   1

dorkins 23 Aug 2015


HeyRusty 18 Sep 2013

One of my favorite underrated bands...from the album "2" 1999. Every track is amazing.   4

TechnicolorWave 27 Aug 2012