10 A.M. Automatic by The Black Keys

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Despite the fantastic pop hooks on El Camino, Rubber Factory is still my favourite Black Keys album. Here's my new Blog to enjoy, read, like and share..... Enjoy https://blackcountryrock.wordpress.com/

StuartEdwards 12 Mar 2015

Man, every time this comes up shuffle lately, I'm good for three or four listens in a row. Makes me wanna take drum lessons again.

lancenealy 4 Sep 2014

I love guitars.   1

velvetmorning 18 Dec 2013

This one goes out to Christy Kruzick, the Daily Indie, and all of the great people that used to work at ManiaTV (Yes, even you too Shawna)

dcyra 7 Mar 2015

Soundtracked my 2007, when I first learned about my future favourite band. Still aching to watch them live.

g_wky 18 Dec 2011