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Fever, good first single after over two years. Worths a listen.   4

rainbowasi 23 Apr 2014

#Top31Tracksof2014: I haven't paid "Turn Blue" much mind since I bought it on release day, and that's something I plan on rectifying when I get the chance, but lead single "Fever" has been on constant head rotation for the entire year. The duo still know how to write damn great and damn catchy singles! #bestof2014   1

CallumPetch 8 Jan 2015

I'm verrrrrry much looking forward to seeing them live in #Berlin next month :D   1

PlugInKathi 7 Jan 2015

They have been getting a lot of criticism for their collaboration with Danger Mouse on the new album. I have listened to it two or three times through and really like it; I think it keeps some of the same core elements of their main, stripped down sound with a bit of a new progression, nothing that really tarnishes their style. Great listen.   1

gingrich1 12 Jun 2014

Acting right is so routine Fever, let me live a dream

karinalg 27 Nov 2014

And so we soon say goodbye to 2014 but it has been an amazing year…so naturally a jam from an album that has stayed with me since it was released "You shook me like I've never been, now show me how to live again"❤   3

IndiHatter 26 Dec 2014