Everybody Needs Somebody to Love by The Blues Brothers

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Changed my mind, it was too awful. Here's a much better fun piece from The Blues Brothers instead featuring the late John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and most of the MGs, though not Booker T himself. #OSTweek   4

jovisgoesnuts 17 Oct 2013

Forever my 'pick-me-up' movie when I feel like crap

StephsAlive 2 Dec 2013

seriously considering a Blues Brothers party ...hmmm   2

spitaldyke 17 Oct 2013

it's so true.........:-)

ietje55 30 Mar 2012

A scene from the original movie. #MovieSongs #Covers #Remakes   3

urmomchoselife 1 May 2014

The film Blues Brothers is 35 years old this year. I was a kid when it came out, and it introduced me to so many great talented voices. Aretha Franklin. Ray Charles. Cab Calloway. James Brown. I may have heard some of these names before but they weren't real to me until this movie. I also learned that Aykroyd and Belushi, the men behind the roles of Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues respectively, were inspired by even more great talents that came before them, most notably Sam Moore and Dave Prater, aka "Sam and Dave." Some may look back at this and think, "why are two white guys pretending to be black?" but if there's one thing I took as a child 35 years ago from these two usually disrespectful young comedians throwing down intentionally respectful performances of soulfully powerful tunes, it's that if the blues is anything, it's colorblind.   8

ZachsMind 14 Jan 2015