The Letter by The Box Tops


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"Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane..." Nothing unusual this week but the great voice of Alex Chilton, of course.

fatuous 25 Oct 2014

I don't claim to know much about music. Ever since my first live gig (Rory Gallagher, 2nd March 1973, Green's Playhouse, Glasgow) at the ripe young age of 13 and proper prog/space rock vinyl experience (Pink Floyd, Allan Glens School, same year, Physics lab during lunch break) I just knew it was my thing. My CV? Can't play anything. Decent singer. Ridiculously envious of anyone who can wring a toon out of an instrument & similarly so, over those who can write memorable lyrics. There are many Jammers out there, who know their arias from their Elbows. They are the musical cadences to my bum note cascades. I just lurve the music, baby. Whilst musical intricacies & lyrical inferences swerve past me in true Georgie Best fashion, I continue to stumble onto new/old stuff, stirring memories of my musical youth. This 2 minute wonder, is one such. Alex Chilton is the crooner here. Look him up. A relative unknown, but nonetheless, seminal rock influence. The moral? ignorance can be bliss, folks..   64

21schizoid 26 May 2014

R.I.P. Wayne Carson. Writer of The Letter & Always On My Mind.   1

Babbetfitzsimon 27 Jul 2015

Lonely days are gone I'm a goin home my baby she wrote me a letter

timkoopmans1957 10 Mar 2015

I heard this on the radio today. It transported me back to being tiny when Dad used to sing this to me. #childhoodmemoryjam   16

KerryEJordan 6 Sep 2014

1967   5

The1960s 4 May 2014