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Wonderful song, mesmerizing video   2

maodiver 28 Jul 2015

Talking with my boyfriend, I remembered this song, the best Chemical Brothers' song for me! And I've always LOVED the video! ♫

laurafantyz 26 Jan 2015

#Mindblowing . Hadn't posted anything from them yet and this one always served me well playing out loud after a difficult exam :) Awesome video too.   20

Nuno 2 Jul 2013

Two of my favourite things combined: Richard Ashcroft and The Chemical Brothers. sufficiently mental video too   1

Grayling 31 May 2012

2013 - "You know I always lost my mind, but now I'm home, and I'm free. Did I pass the acid test?"

junkycosmonaut 1 Jan 2014

We're heading into exams at Hackley, so we're using "The Test" by Chemical Brothers to psych ourselves up!

HackleySchool 15 Feb 2015