where do i begin by The Chemical Brothers

“always take me back to university days”

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always take me back to university days

_KurtYoung 15 Dec 2011

I adore this song.   1

CdreSchmidlapp 29 Apr 2014

So I guess this place is going away. Oh well. I've never spent much time here, but I guess I need to get off my butt and cram in some jams.   1

bugineed 10 Aug 2015

This came to me as I was walking back from town in the lovely sunshine!   9

abigail.deeks 3 Jun 2013

Oh god- this song. This song this song this song. It smells, tastes, feels like 1997/98 for me. This song crawled into my head before I fell asleep and I immediately woke up to find it (able to via googling "Sunday morning waking up coffee cup" because it's all I could grasp in sleepy fog) I don't think its all nostalgia- but it's possible.   3

alexis 17 Jan 2015

still vital

naxuu 9 Dec 2014