Are You My Woman (Tell Me So) by The Chi-Lites


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but Clarkle was first  

Heard this on the radio this morning for the first time. #FunkyFriday   4

Tre_Vortni 23 Jan 2015

Another great cut, written by the amazing Eugene Record...waddaya say BeyoncĂ©?   11

newley 30 Oct 2013

Samples week! Basis for Beyonce's beats! Crazy!   3

Clarkle 2 Apr 2012

Shout out to my dough bag neighbours who not only left her car running but also Beyonce blasting under my window this morning! If you do have to dash back inside for some forgotten thing, turn your fucking engine (and car stereo ) off!   2

FoxInSox 12 Apr 2014

Something something Beyonce.

cid1615 20 Feb 2014

I still find blasting BeyoncĂ© at 6 in the morning completely un-neighborly but there are worse things to be woken up by I guess   2

FoxInSox 15 Aug 2014