He's So Fine by The Chiffons

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but StephanieFlooks was first  

Well this did work earlier.   3

jovisgoesnuts 12 Jun 2013

doo-lang, doo-lang doo-lang.   4

BlueKay 22 May 2013

The song at the centre of possibly the most famous music plagiarism controversy of all time #samplified   2

tomdwilly 23 Apr 2014

For me it's always been a toss up between this and 'One Fine Day', I think this just wins for me. I grew up to these songs as a teenager. God I was lucky.   1

jovisgoesnuts 12 Jun 2013

Random song of the Week! #3 Whenever there's not a jam for a week, I'll be filling in with random tracks from my music library. These tracks have been obtained either via the CD medium, Amazon digital, or iTunes. Enjoy!   1

Tylky 24 Sep 2014

Doolang doolang doolang, doolang doolang   1

timkoopmans1957 14 Feb 2015