Billie Jean by The Civil Wars

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but praymurray was first  

Wanting to find someone to perform this with.

christineaugh 21 Apr 2014

Delicious, honey dripped cover of the MJ classic.   1

praymurray 28 Feb 2012

MJ's Billie Jean is awesome, but this is so much better!

keithcraine 14 Sep 2014

Could listen to The Civil Wars all day long.

lorinewton 13 Feb 2013

Saw this as a suggested song on the sidebar, so decided to click it. So. Much. Good! This is an awesome rendition of Billie Jean! Will I get killed if I say I like as much (if not more) as the original? *ducks* :)

chantgirl 4 Sep 2014

As some of you may be aware (and @fsohail certainly was), my rules on covers are simple but strict: bring something different.   16

simonp 26 Jun 2013