Armagideon Time by The Clash


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but sgb was first  

kinda sad that the lyrics are still appropriate today.   3

kezzer 5 May 2014

This was the single that opened up the breadth of music to me - when it turned out my favourite band weren't #Rockist   1

al_got_rhythm 12 Sep 2013

This is my new #EternalJam. "The Bright Side of Life" is lyrically brilliant, but "Armagideon Time" is musically awesome. Also the song which cured me of #Rockism, and what an album it heralded!

al_got_rhythm 3 Oct 2014

Remember to kick it over. No one will guide you. #EndJams

bbionic 16 Sep 2015

This was once only available as the flipside of the London Calling single. Oh, those glory days of the past...

djmqt 8 Mar 2014