Death or Glory by The Clash


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Since I'm working for a state that may be unable pay me for my work due to the ideological intransigence of some morons in the State House, I felt that this might be a fitting tribute to their idiocy.   3

mattdollar 9 Jun 2015

Love and Hate Tattooed on the knuckles of his hands... #Paranoia

MoustachePants 5 Oct 2012


RedStar 7 Jun 2014

So this is the end: One of the things I liked best about "This Is My Jam" is how they seemed to take a longer view of the web. They made a stream that was almost an anti-stream- maybe rock you could take shelter on when it all became a bit much. They seemed to understand we were humans, and made a site that respected that. This viewpoint came out in the creation of the Eternal Jam: the jam that would be left behind if you were to disappear tomorrow. The acknowledgement, seldom made, that one day we'll all be gone. When this feature was created, I chose "Tomorrow Never Knows" ( as my eternal jam. It's a great song, but deep down I knew I was choosing it with my head and not my heart. So now that TIMJ is saying its final goodbye, it's time to make the switch. So long, and thanks for all the jams.

akurjata 11 Aug 2015


Zergonoid 24 Feb 2015

Tired of being sick. Let's effing do this.

sean.demory 23 Jan 2012