Janie Jones by The Clash


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but jzellis was first  

chune about a famous Londoner mandam from the 70's.   6

TomSchneitter 23 Oct 2013

Oh, it's JENNY Jones?! Nevermind, cracking song anyway!

shadowsans 9 Feb 2014

Dunno why, but I've been listening to this on repeat this week.

jzellis 20 Dec 2011

Two minutes of awesomeness from 77 - Janie Jones live...Fill 'er up, Jacko!

sjohndavey 12 Jun 2015

Been listening to the first Clash album again - still sounds vital after all these years!

hussamkwai 7 Apr 2015

Sorry, more from the Clash.   3

hughmcguire 14 Mar 2012