London Calling by The Clash

njparry’s jam on 29 Dec ’14 and then once after that (See all)

“One of the best songs by one of Londons best at number 40.....enjoy!”

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but wastetalent was first  

One of the best songs by one of Londons best at number 40.....enjoy!   9

njparry 10 Mar 2015

I'm sure this has been jammed several times during #PunkWeek - but it's such a great song and this is such a good video.   21

MsSue 27 Sep 2013

for @monisaurus

wastetalent 5 Dec 2011

This, my last jam before it's archived, could not be more appropriate. London. Where I'm from. Where I belong.

TheTopGooner 18 Sep 2015

This was playing as I finished the Pru RideLondon in August 2015. No better soundtrack to pelting up The Mall towards Buck House.

gilesdring 16 Aug 2015

This was difficult. Likely my last jam. More U2 (Zooropa)? Bowie? Had to go Clash. Which one? I love so many but I think this has always been my favourite. And if it is the last, thanks to all who share and all who listen!   3

LarryLootsteen 24 Aug 2015