Lose This Skin by The Clash


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but ClaytonCowles was first  

Youtube video/photo montage, for once, is terrific. Great stills, concert footage, and home movies... And then there's this amazing song...   10

ssolo985 8 Jun 2013

A favourite from Sandanista! Distinctive vocals by Tymon Dogg who later joined Strummer's band The Mescaleros.   2

erocket 15 Jan 2013

Hadn't heard Lose This Skin by the Clash (with Tymon Dogg) for ages.

talkingtori 19 Mar 2013

This last day of crunch time, I'm going to listen to The Clash until I'm out of text or out of Clash.

loganbonner 3 May 2013

Powerful song.   2

lapuntadelfin 18 May 2012

I was going to jam a Thom Yorke/Radiohead tune, inspired by @Bukowski but I'm going for the mad energy of a sound I fell in love with when I was 15 (I didn't really discover The Clash until halfway through the 80s). Played LOUD is best, please thank you.   4

loboska 30 Jul 2014