Police & Thieves by The Clash

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Yeah sounds about on target no tell me im wrong ill be your hucklberry for a min . On that subject im confident in winning this song needs to be a battle cry as we bring down the new world order @JustinXbox @leejohnson, @PeteLaberge @kemiladashdot @natyblooming @shirl @lynn200 @lindatee @DiamondDog @boosup1 @AlicejustMay @joeldurhamjr   13

USMC_SemperFi 2 Feb 2014

Cliche I know... but these boys changed my life   2

hughesrt 3 Sep 2015

"Scaring the nation with their / Guns and ammunition"

primuspilus6969 27 Aug 2015

#reggaeweek ish.....   2

hilldavids 11 Aug 2013

This one goes out to the Lancaster City Police Dept

robswatski 8 Aug 2014

They're going through a tight wind.

primuspilus6969 16 Jul 2014