Rock the Casbah by The Clash

“The shareeeef don't like it.”

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The shareeeef don't like it.

mkhajdin 17 May 2015

Armadillo, anyone?

alicebravery 12 Jun 2012

For balance , last week was The Jam, only fair to have The Clash this week (this also makes a cracking karaoke track)

katylindemann 11 Jun 2015

Was going to share Straight To Hell, but SME has blocked every copy TIMJ could find, because hey! The music industry never thrived on fans sharing and discovering music.

200ok 9 Aug 2015

Because I feel like it, and you're not going to argue with me.   3

pwoperfish 29 Aug 2013


Schaeffer 11 Sep 2015