Straight to Hell by The Clash


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there ain't no need fo ya.   3

hughmcguire 24 Feb 2013

WHEN PUNKS GROW UP ,,,,my own personal favorita CLASH SONG #punkweek.....from combat rock....i know the consensus loves the raucus stuff,,,this track shows how the clash developed into a real force, with a musical integrity , integrity that seems to have been lost to time and this regressive musical era that in general rules the airwaves......STRAIGHT TO HELL ...see ya there   6

kingofmen 28 Sep 2013

My favourite version of my favourite Clash song. Much better than the studio version in my opinion. Takes a while to get going.   3

NLyman 13 Jun 2013

And with this #samplified has run its course... for now. Many thanks to everyone who said hello during the fortnight with a special hello to @mloup who joined in with gusto. Now what do I do?   4

tomdwilly 27 Apr 2014

Happy Birthday #CombatRock. Released on this day 1982. Now let's take a trip....#StraightToHell

K1ingK1ong 14 May 2015

Oh FFS! What do you mean I haven't Jammed any Clash yet? No time like the present.   2

Fullam 28 Aug 2015