The Right Profile by The Clash


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but lal was first  

This song has completely owned me since I was 15.

scottowilliams 20 Dec 2013

Great band and a great Actor .   4

davidedspencer 28 Dec 2013


afangman1 26 Sep 2013

Happy Birthday Joe   2

EmmaPeel007 21 Aug 2013

The last in my list of albums that have stayed with me since first listen is "London Calling" by The Clash. Didn't really start getting into the Clash until "Tommy Gun", but it was London Calling that really took hold and it's now probably my all time favourite album.   7

AndyWilkinson 4 Nov 2014

Been listening to London Calling for the first time this week. This song was one of the highlights of a 5am drive the other night/morning.   2

Monzo_Maharal 25 Jul 2013