A Letter To Elise by The Cure


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stiofandafyyd 10 Sep 2015

Still the best Cure song.

alexcornetto 29 Mar 2014

"Oh Elise, it doesn't matter what you do; I know I'll never really get inside of you to make your eyes catch fire the way they should. The way the blue could pull me in; if they only would, if they only would..."

core013 29 Oct 2014

They won´t play this one, but they are finally coming to Bogota!!!!!!!!!!   9

natyblooming 1 Feb 2013

Surely not a new jam for any of you, but I've been in a mood to listen to them today.   1

sevin 2 Nov 2012

"And every time i try to pick it up Like falling sand As fast as i pick it up It runs away through my clutching hands But there's nothing else i can really do There's nothing else I can really do..."   1

sahrabr 28 Jul 2014