Boys Don't Cry by The Cure


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R+L Countdown- I'm early bird-ing it today so I'll leave you on an absolute classic... See ya!   4

hindle4 22 Aug 2012

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

DfineMe 24 Sep 2015

"But I just, keep on laughing, hiding the tears in my eyes" There is something so awesome about singing with an English accent. Why do so many British singers these days fake American accents?   3

IndiHatter 27 May 2013

Boys DO Cry but that probably wouldn't have made nearly as good a song.

jenmaselli 23 Feb 2014

who wants to come and live with me in my bed fort for the next 5 years? i'll have comics, games and cartoons.   1

seiibutsu 8 May 2015

How can you not dance to that guitar?!   4

marshamarsh 27 Aug 2012