Burn by The Cure

“Captures the feel of the film perfectly... #brandonlee #gonebutnotforgotten

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Captures the feel of the film perfectly... #brandonlee #gonebutnotforgotten

JayWatson 22 Aug 2015

I never did have the audacity to full goth as a youngster, but even now it still bubbles away in there.

CJJC 30 Apr 2015

From The Crow Soundtrack. Ah 1994 - happy times.   5

jonnyneale5 9 Oct 2012

Because I love The Cure, The Crow is still amazing and I keep reminding myself these days that it can't rain all the time.   2

kh3 17 Jul 2015

"Don't talk of worlds that never were The end is all that's ever true"

tzuen 18 Feb 2015

Have pre-empted the heat today by closing the blinds and avoiding all sunlight - Robert Smith knows how it is...   6

TBBYNH 22 Jul 2013