Cut Here by The Cure


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"And you hold me... Like you'll never let me go."

flrsi 13 May 2013

The organ is so simple yet intense, it makes the whoooole song

roseyrhymes 10 Jun 2015

“Cut Here” by The Cure is my new jam. ♫ Cracks me up that the letters in "Cut Here" re-arranged = "The Cure" :)

curepol 13 Jan 2014

C is for The Cure. VEVO has the official video so you'll just have to make do with the German TOTP version! Not sure if I prefer the acoustic version and the Alkaline Trio cover is also interesting! Enjoy!   2

meddlingwitch 24 Jun 2014

The last one i uploaded wasnt playing . so i am adding it again :D   2

shamsi_tamsil 22 May 2012