Fascination Street by The Cure

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#14 CD from my collection. From Disintegration.   4

rexter42 16 Jun 2012

The Cure's masterpiece "Disintegration" turns 25 today.   2

daftmonk 2 May 2014

I played bass when I was in college, and I loved the bass part of this song. I loved how it takes center stage and has loosely-helf notes and a buzz in the strings. Just like I could play it.

billybartels 12 Jan 2015

Well, then.

jenoro 20 Dec 2014

So pull on your hair Pull on your pout Cut the conversation Just open your mouth Pull on your face Pull on your feet And let's hit opening time ...

slachs 8 Apr 2014

Current mood: This bass line

jerkstore 9 Jun 2015