Killing An Arab by The Cure


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It's understandable, although sad, that this song had to be censured. All I remember fondly is playing the bassline intro so many years ago learning this as a cover.

kingstontown 12 Aug 2015

The complete history of American foreign policy, 2001-2014

daveexmachina 11 Sep 2014

The Cure and Albert Camus. A perfect combination.   2

richardnroe 11 Oct 2014

IMO The Cure have been a bit dismissed as just another miserable and boring goth band, when in fact they are a link in the line between Joy Division and The Smiths and a brilliant 80s band to boot. I do like other tracks of theirs more but this is the one that seemed topically appropriate

StokieBoyTom 27 Sep 2014

For Gaza I'm the stranger, killing an Arab

Bigrob01 6 Aug 2014

I'm alive, I'm dead, I'm the stranger   3

mkhajdin 23 Jul 2013