Last Dance by The Cure


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For me, this song brings back overwhelming memories of a relationship that ended very, very badly. Twenty years on, and I still cry each time I hear it.

clanca1234 14 Dec 2014

Last Dance by The Cure. From Disintegration, my favourite The Cure album. Full version this time. Beautiful. Powerfully yearning.   1

JackTatty 20 Mar 2015

Last Dance off Disintegration. My favourite The Cure album. So many great tracks.   1

JackTatty 19 Mar 2015

Who says I never jam any 80s, post-punk, gothic rock etc etc etc....? Love this.   1

obadiah99 18 Nov 2013

One of my favourite songs with the word Christmas in...

jleslie 17 Dec 2012