Mint Car by The Cure

“The sun is up, I'm so fizzy I could burst!”

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The sun is up, I'm so fizzy I could burst!

kayegarcia 9 Dec 2013

Cheerfulness Week, Day #2...   3

thesunneversets 22 Jul 2012

The sun is up I'm so happy I can scream There's nowhere in the world I'd rather be XXXX Good Morning :)

pooblemoo 4 Apr 2013

Say it will always be like this The two of us together It will always be like this Forever and ever and ever...

codyb 6 Aug 2014

Heard this the other day and though 'I wonder why it took me so long to get into the Smiths'. Old. Forgetful.

leagueofrobbie 27 Feb 2014

Yes there is another cheerful Cure song Great Saturday start eh, @Aferenbach? Good morning fun XXXX

pooblemoo 15 Jun 2013