One Hundred Years by The Cure


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pauseliveaction 4 Apr 2013

Love this song by the Cure. It's like they thought, "What's the most Cure-like song we could possibly do?" This is it. This is the Curiest Cure-like Cure song of all time. Every time I hear it it blows me away how much the Cure is like themselves in this song. They pulled no punches; they just went for broke. And. It's. AWESOME. Well played, gents. I'm so glad you existed in this world and that I was alive to appreciate it.

Dedalvs 9 Apr 2015

the cure - one hundred years - happy sunday

lupinehorror 8 Mar 2015

Just finished first pass on the last Thanos Rising and it reminds me of this song, I guess.

ClaytonCowles 31 Jul 2013

This song was born in a dark place.... *sigh* I love it.   1

robyncage 6 Jul 2015

From my favourite (and darkest) Cure album...unfortunately, after this they decided to become a jolly, poppy, cheerful lot.   6

redheadx 21 Jan 2014