Pictures of You by The Cure

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AleLovecats 28 Aug 2015

Leipzig Aug 4, 1990 "I've been looking so long at my pictures of you that I almost believe that they're real"   2

stiofandafyyd 29 Apr 2012

My favourite track from my favourite Cure album. A good place to start for #GlumWeek.   27

abigail.deeks 9 Sep 2013

This was the jam selected by my five-year-old boy. This pick makes me so proud.   17

ShortCurator 17 Oct 2013

Well here's a place I haven't been for a while.   4

Charlotta 24 Jun 2013

Oh Robert Smith, you are great. If a little scary..   3

marshamarsh 24 May 2012