Plainsong by The Cure

“Oh, Ant-Man. I loved you so.”

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Oh, Ant-Man. I loved you so.

smylie 17 Jul 2015

the end. #thisismyfinaljam

_seph 25 Aug 2015

After the wonderful use of their album "Disintegration" in "Ant-Man", I've been on the biggest Cure kick the past couple of days. Subsequently, I've also been feeling like someone just broke up with me as well.

Robert_Hall 20 Jul 2015

Disintegration released 25 years ago!

sundownsensei 2 May 2014

Wind-chimes lead into crashing organ swells, giving forth Robert Smith's plaintive vocals - for me, The Cure's finest moment. Majestic. The next track, "Pictures of You", was well nigh perfect, too, IMHO.

cathesaurus 12 Aug 2015

going to use the next 20 days to just post all my favorites. which means I'll probably be reposting. oh well!

robbfritz 3 Sep 2015