Plainsong by The Cure

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but theseantcollins was first  

the end. #thisismyfinaljam

_seph 25 Aug 2015

one april a long time ago we nearly broke up and R played this very loud along with Bedhead. ah. sorta melted.   1

ifjuly 3 Feb 2013

Oh, Ant-Man. I loved you so.

smylie 17 Jul 2015

going to use the next 20 days to just post all my favorites. which means I'll probably be reposting. oh well!

robbfritz 3 Sep 2015

'Let them eat cake!'   5

CaptainJam 21 Mar 2013

After the wonderful use of their album "Disintegration" in "Ant-Man", I've been on the biggest Cure kick the past couple of days. Subsequently, I've also been feeling like someone just broke up with me as well.

Robert_Hall 20 Jul 2015