Push by The Cure


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I'm going to use This Is My Jam for its intended purpose, and select a song I've been digging a lot lately. I've listened to the Cure sporadically since...the 90s, I guess, but only whatever albums I could bum off my stepdad (which was Staring at the Sea and Disintegration). Never gave them much though. Lately I've been getting back into them, and this song, which I'd never heard before, blew me away. The Cure are such a strange band. Some of their songs are downright awful ("Boys Don't Cry", "Killing an Arab", "Why Can't I Be You"), some are great ("Charlotte Sometimes", "Close to Me", "The Love Cats", "100 Years", "Pictures of You"—take your pick, really), and then there are some that sound like radio-friendly, anthem rock hits. This is definitely one of the latter.

Dedalvs 1 Apr 2014

How about a bit of classic Cure? #theheadonthedoor #track5

mrtuffley 8 Aug 2015

friday i love the cure even tho i hate everyone else #lotsoflove!

ieatpants 19 Jun 2015

From their concert film 'The Cure In Orange', recorded at an ancient Roman theatre in the French countryside,1986.   2

stiofandafyyd 1 May 2014