The Exploding Boy by The Cure


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Tell yourself we'll start again. Tell yourself it's not the end. #TheCure #TheExplodingBoy

KraizeeKatt 24 Sep 2015

@RaymondLuk The anniversary of "Disintegration" reminds me of my very first Cure record, which was the album of singles "Standing on a Beach". Not a bad way to be introduced, in my mind. I always preferred the side of the album that was dubbed "B-Sides". This song was one of those.

helva834 8 May 2014

I used to own this album on cassette too, long ago.   1

darkphoenix 21 Feb 2013

from "Standing on a Beach," one of the best-ever compilation cassettes.

matthewglidden 19 Dec 2011

The Cure's best... like... ever. “The Exploding Boy” is my jam. cc@RealLindaPerry

alanhouser 7 Nov 2014

My absolute favorite song by The Cure: THE EXPLODING BOY

alanhouser 1 Mar 2014