The Kiss by The Cure


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but mhx was first  

The Cure haciendo su version de lo que es el dream pop, y fabricando una cancion hermosa en el intento.

hernan 10 Jul 2015

“To The Sky” by The Cure is my new jam. Oh dear, that RS doll is scary. Couldn't find decent video...but love this song.   1

curepol 1 Sep 2013

Hangover medicine

joecrotchett 8 Mar 2013

Timeless. Amazing. Always leaves me speechless.

mhx 11 Mar 2012

Just get it out / get it out / get it out / get your $%& voice out of my head

Wordridden 19 Dec 2012

Gee, Bob, angry much? #thecure #thekiss

worfrat71 6 Mar 2014