The Love Cats by The Cure


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but cyniii was first  

Probably my #LastJamOf2013 and, my, what a year it's been! See y'all in 2014; happy jamming! ♫♪ "It's the perfect dream, hand in hand is the only way to land" ❤   5

IndiHatter 27 Dec 2013

International Cat Day!!!   11

argenboix 21 Feb 2015

For review purposes, I saw the animated kids' film The House Of Magic today. It's wholly unremarkable (my review of it will be up at in the week, but I have a bunch of other new release reviews up now) but it did manage to remind me that this is a frickin' tune and a half. Small victories, eh?   3

CallumPetch 26 Jul 2014

so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty~

illusoryn 18 Apr 2015