The Walk by The Cure


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"I kissed you in the water, and made your dry lips sing" This is probably my favourite song of all time.

Carachan1 28 Jan 2012

I loved both New Order and The Cure as a teenager and always thought this song was a perfect blend of the both.

WillDoThisLater 4 Feb 2015

"In an instant, I remembered everything..."

andylowe99 19 Dec 2013

i called you after midnight, then ran until my heart burst   5

stumbelina 4 Sep 2014

I needed a super song to wipe my brain after too much work chat about abysmal 90s/ 00s dance tracks. This is it. So catchy!   6

smette 25 Jul 2013

Happy #NationalKazooDay! VISIT:

jeetcchadha 29 Jan 2015