Love Song by The Damned

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This song was missing from my karaoke collection for a while, ever since the bar switched from CDs to digital files - I just couldn't find my original CD+G anywhere on my harddrive. Anyway, it's been found, and I can now go back to belting out one of my all-time favourite karaoke tracks. Great song, great band, anyway.

MrUmlaut 25 Jun 2015

Captain Sensible...60 years young today. WTF! And so to celebrate, here are two of the most thrilling minutes ever slapped onto vinyl. Wishing you a (happy, happy, happy) happy birthday, sir

stevefawcett 24 Apr 2014

I'll be the ticket if you're my inspector

MsTick68 14 Feb 2013

#theDamned saw them again on Saturday - just for you here's a love song! <3

chaotic_eden 29 Apr 2015

#punkweek   6

pauseliveaction 25 Sep 2013

2 minutes of jumping joy. They made some great records but this opening based riff kills every time.   2

adrian4acn 6 May 2012