January Hymn by The Decemberists

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but lauranolte was first  

what were the words i meant to say before you left when i could see your breath lead where you were going to?

merope 13 Jan 2015

Because it's still January....

LeeWellbrook 16 Jan 2014

April all an ocean away...   1

herhighnessness 18 Feb 2014

Maybe I should just let it be And maybe it will all come back to me Sing: O January O

tambourine 3 Jan 2015

Thanks to my friend Eliza, who posted lyrics from this song on Facebook this morning and reminded me that this song is the perfect jam for today. It's not Sunday, but last night, where I live, we got the first significant snowfall of winter. Colin Meloy knows better than most how to paint a mood with music and lyrics.

robinhoo 22 Jan 2014

I've been waiting to post this one. Happy New Year.   1

rwiiebe 4 Jan 2013