Touch Me by The Doors


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Following on from @AJDJ 'Soft Parade' here's some more #DoorsJam. Whilst I'm not very list orientated (I'm looking at you @Bukowski) I'm not sure this is the least accomplished album by Mr Mojo Risin' & chums. Any suggestions jammees for least favourite Doors albums or tunes? As it was the first Doors album I owned 'Soft Parade' has a secure place in my affections.   12

adrian4acn 14 Apr 2015

Most would regard the third and fourth Doors LPs as significantly weaker than their 4 others.True perhaps, but both contained some excellent music and this,in particular,showed how versatile they were.It is absolutely glorious.Starts just after the 30 second mark.   7

tpjdavies 12 Jan 2015

yep   8

augustina 5 Aug 2014

Lawrence is good at piano... He shall be rocking at my show

diamondzo 17 Oct 2014

More brass.Great single from The Soft Parade.Without doubt,it was the weakest of their 6 studio LPs but still contained some very good music.   11

tpjdavies 13 Jul 2015

I'm gonna love you until the stars fall from the sky.   9

Becksuwak 16 Feb 2015