Sketch For A Summer by The Durutti Column


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From the 1980 album "The Return of The Durutti Column.   8

Axol 30 Jun 2015

I adore this track and the artists involved a great deal. The Durutti Column is basically two extroardinary musicians - guitarist, Vini Reilly and drummer Bruce Mitchell, who have been making records together for over 30 years. This gorgeous track is from Vini's first solo album, produced by one Martin Hannett. If you like this track I urge you to investigate further two of Manchester's relatively unsung heroes :)   3

garyprice265 22 Apr 2014

This song came out of nowhere. If you like it, Durutti Column has more content than you can handle. Here's a great start.

matthulgan 5 Feb 2015

nearing the end of summer... </3

saaramo 21 Sep 2014

You get lost in this. More Manc brilliance. Beautiful. No words needed.   2

edclarke 25 Feb 2013

Durutti Column is saving my summer. (this cover is horrible, by the way)   3

nachoage 21 Aug 2013