Same Mistakes by The Echo-Friendly

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but graysky was first  

I filled up with songs like snow in the winter))

varvaradashkina 16 Aug 2014

think I heard this in the 2012 SXSW collection. Great lyrics.

april 5 Jun 2013

My musical Crush   2

stephbrenes 15 Oct 2013

Moody summer music week #2, This song makes me want to kiss a pretty hipster wearing a sleeveless denim vest while stars swirl in the background. Any takers? I gotta 25 dollar gift card to Urban Outfitters, we can share a pair of skinny jeans.   3

kaispasha 19 May 2013

Loving the 80s-esque symbiosis of duo @theechofriendly at the moment. #thisismyjam

Cezzabean 27 Aug 2014

via the very entertaining "Girls"   1

graysky 8 May 2012