Bill is Dead by The Fall

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Beautiful song from The Fall. Less angry or nervous as usual. It has a tense and gloomy Cure feel to it.   3

CellarDoor85 15 Jun 2014


asawyer 6 Nov 2013

Re-found this tonight! I remember watching this performance on "Snub Tv" many years ago, seeing Mark E Smith just walking around and around the band, and thinking "WTF is this???" It sounded flat and off-key, or just wrong! I had no reference points that I could use to comprehend it all. It's still my favourite Fall song. Sorry for the grainy footage, it is (like myself) over 20 years old.   8

sbrennan0161 6 Mar 2014

#sundaysoother   9

CaptainJam 1 Mar 2015

But just lately, seeing you, I rise A.M. off pink sheets. I am renewed, I am aglow.

eliotvb 16 Sep 2011

Difficult to choose just one track by the Mighty Fall, but I'll plump for this one.   9

AndyWilkinson 20 Aug 2012