September's Not So Far Away by The Field Mice


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Light as a feather, jangly and factually accurate.

monkeynonymous 24 Aug 2013

Sarah Jam #6. This was always my last song at the end of summer term when I broadcast my student radio show, and with the imminent end of This Is My Jam, it feels relevant again now: "I'll always remember / The days and nights we spent together..." I'll be posting a few more #finaljams before Sep 26th. After that, I'll see you on Let's Loop.   3

DVCwins 30 Aug 2015


stiofandafyyd 26 Aug 2015

I am an occasional fan of fey but mopey indie. I have more than one Sarah 7". I am getting better.

dubh 21 Dec 2011

"Very funny". Apt Byrdsian jangle.   1

durutti244 31 Aug 2013