I Only Have Eyes for You by The Flamingos


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Let's not mess around.   19

flaneur 24 Oct 2012

Flamingo Serenade / 1959 #930   8

mondosalvo 25 Sep 2015

the art is rather off-putting, but this is the ONLY version of this song to fly by WMG's defenses. also, though i know it's super famous and won't score me any points for obscurity- it's likely my default favorite from the era. The languorously somnolent mood with that beautifully clear vocal ringing through it--- just wow. so anyway, getting down to the last chances, so here it is. FU WMG.   6

AlteGeist 19 Sep 2015

true story.   4

J_Dub 10 Dec 2012

For @DigDoug From "It Only Takes A Moment by Hello, Dolly" Your turn.

mrquick 13 Jun 2015

Is a description really necessary? Nope.

dozens 17 Nov 2011