Natural One by The Folk Implosion

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takes me back to sitting in a room with just a black light on...

DownWithDiaz 22 Nov 2014


stantongrouse 5 Nov 2013

I remembered this as a proper hit record but Wikipedia says it didn't even crack the Top 40 back in 1995. Unless, maybe it was the monthly turn of seeing the Indie Chart on that weeks' ITV Chart Show where I saw it scoring highly?

dmk21 1 Apr 2014

Watched the movie Kids in 2000 and loved this song ever since! #kids #harmonykorine #folkimplosion   3

lizzyloo 5 May 2014

There's no telling what we'll do when we're free.

owtytrof 20 Sep 2013

Here's to tryptophan

chrysalisstar 27 Nov 2014