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let me be a blue raft on a blue sea, i'll blend right in.

bloodstone 26 Feb 2015

This song really helped me get through my 20s.

suburbancurse 29 Dec 2014

Still listening to these boys. A youthful exuberance and a commitment to embarrassingly honest lyrics. Plus look at that drummer wail. Plus - I have definitely gone through the clean my self with hand soap in a public bathroom.

jamesgriffin 25 Jun 2014

I know I've selected this song before, but I absolutely love these guys.

theamandagraves 27 Feb 2013

I'm currently obsessed with this entire album.   3

theamandagraves 3 Apr 2012

if the roles were reversed you could have seen me sneaking up, sneaking up from behind.

bloodstone 27 Jul 2015