Hounds Of Love by The Futureheads

“Love Kate Bush but this is a great cover.”

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but Heathers was first  

Love Kate Bush but this is a great cover.   6

Axol 11 Sep 2015

This is in my top 10. Approaches perfection.   1

pointsofdata 8 Sep 2015

Hadn't heard this in ages.   3

edclarke 25 Mar 2014

#Coversweek brilliance   10

flamingnora 1 Aug 2014

This song snuck into my mind after seeing 'The Hounds of Baskerville' was the next Sherlock.

Heathers 1 Jan 2012

I love The Futureheads. A brilliant cover of a brilliant song. If you're not familiar with them check them out on Spotify. So good.   1

bjr70 1 Dec 2014