Part Company by The Go-Betweens


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but grange85 was first  

Seeing Robert Forster in December and could not be more excited. I assume there'll be Go-Betweens songs, but if he plays this, I may combust. (And Clouds, obviously, but let's not get into that one now...)

alexcornetto 6 Aug 2015

Had this 7", King in Mirrors on the B-side. Saw them loads, dug them from their Postcard debut to their finale

creepingbent 27 Feb 2013

"...from her first letter, to this, her Bill of Rights." Having seen this performed solo last night by Robert Forster, I had to post it. A great representation of the early romantic pop of The Go-Betweens. This goodbye holds its head high, through the heartache. "That's her handwriting. That's the way she writes." Takes me back to my late teens when your relationship to a girl was the entire world.   2

flattymatty 21 Aug 2015