Right Here by The Go-Betweens


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This is one of a few very meaningful 'pick me up & keep me going' songs. I often find myself drifting back to it. 'I'm keeping you right here...' It isn't quite the version I wanted but YouTube is being all restrictive on me. Pah.   8

Pixie 6 Jan 2015

I have found the "Talulah" LP finally on a flea market yesterday.   1

cochise 17 Jun 2013

Took a five-year-old three seconds to identify this song as "really good". Excellent taste, little guy.

pip 24 Apr 2015

Number 1 in my heart.

mrbensiddall 28 Jan 2014

I haven't really got a plan, so I'm just going to jam until I no longer can. 'I'm keeping you right here.....' I've also gone loopy so I'm keeping you right there too: http://www.letsloop.com/PartyTearsFew   4

PartyTearsFew 11 Aug 2015

Lovely to hear Pete Astor, Phil, Ben and Dave doing Grant songs yesterday.

bucketfull 7 May 2012