Was There Anything I Could Do? by The Go-Betweens


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If you spend your life looking behind you, you don’t see what’s up front

liquid_city 27 Aug 2012

Dodgy filmclip, great song!

h00py 19 Jun 2015

Jangly mope-rock that Morrissey and Marr would be proud of   1

TBBYNH 6 Apr 2013

Feel sad, listen to selection of favourite Antipodean bands, feel infinitely better.   6

Charlotta 24 Aug 2012

Back to the 80s for these Australians who should have been as famous as Nick Cave (but never seemed to get further than John Peel's shows).   1

Bewles 29 Nov 2014

One of the most criminally overlooked bands ever, Australia's Go-Betweens, from 1988... "If you spend your life looking behind you, you don't see what's up front."

craigcthomas1 6 Aug 2014